James Mathews 52-08
Chris Smith 42-14
Gareth Williams 40-04
Ricky Keane 43lb
James Mathews 40-04
Richard Jeferey 41-08

June 2012 week ending 30/6/12

Not much change with the weather it’s still changeable with the winds turning around almost on a daily basis and still sunny intervals with some rain. This weather is highly unusual for this time of year, I think most of us are expecting shorts and T shirts but there’s not a lot of chance of that at the moment. The fishing has been very slow this week with the least amount of fish caught this season. Looking through the catch report there was 80 odd 30s out, which is poor by Cretelakes standards, the worst week we have had was during spawning and even then there were 112 out. Still a few anglers did ok with a fair few 40s and a few 50s. I will start with Graham Cover who managed 6 fish to 50-08, well done Graham and congratulations with the 50. James Matthews managed a ten fish catch to 52-08 and managed four 30s and a 40 amongst them, well done James. Brian Richardson got amongst the big fish with a 54-08 so well done to him. Scott Hoskings managed a 40+ and four other 30s and Richard Jeffrey had a 14 fish catch that included a 40+ and 5 30s. Charlie King done ok with a 12 fish catch to 43-08 and Dave Hall managed 17 fish to 40+ after a very slow start so well done Dave. Luke Raith had a 40+ amongst the seven fish he caught and Gareth Williams had a decent week with 19 fish that included eleven 30s and two 40s so well done Gareth. Chris Smith managed a 40+ and Jamie Card also managed a 40+ amongst a 27 fish haul. Last but by no means least Ricky Keane managed a 40+ after a poor start, get a new bait boat Ricky. To sum the week up it was very slow indeed but I will say there were a hell of a lot of fish lost somewhere around 300+ so maybe it was not as bad as we thought. 

Sunday 1st July 2012