Steve Haylett 59-04
Alex Parsons 60-01
Mitchell Miller 51lb
Dan Richardson 54-08
Alex Parsons 60-01
Mark Grimaldi 60lb
Mitchell Miller 50lb

April 2018 week ending 21/4/2018

The weather has certainly changed from last week with temperatures around 24 degrees, not sure where spring went it seems we have jumped from winter to summer.
Plenty of big fish out this week with the biggest falling to the rods of Michael Addams at 61lb; he also managed a few others to over 40lb, well done Michael. Mark Grimaldi was another angler to bank a 60lber and again backed that up with a few others so well done Mark. Alex Parsons had a good week banking fourteen fish to 60-01, two 40s and five 30s amongst his catch well done. Top rod was Aaron Rillings with a 42 fish haul from (peg 46 on Lake 5) Aarons haul was topped by a 54-06 common, well done Aaron. Tom Goffat enjoyed his week taking fourteen fish to 54lb; his catch included five 40s, well done Tom. Clive Goffat also got amongst the big girls with a 50-04, and managed to back that up with a 40+, well done Clive. Dan Richardso0n done well banking eight fish to 58lb, his catch included three 40s, well done. Steve Haylett done very well landing 32 fish to 59-04, his haul included eight 40s and thirteen 30s, well done Steve. Darren Tucker had a 54-08 and backed that up with three 40s and Alan Moore (snr) managed a 52-03, well done to you both. Dave Hayles managed the most impressive haul of the week with four 50s, nine 40s, and seven 30s, top angling well done Dave. Michael Miller was another angler to get amongst the big girls with three 50s to 57-12 and he managed another ten over 30lb, well done Michael. Colin Edwards banked a 53-08 and went on to land a couple of 40s so well done to you. Scott Maynard did well taking a fourteen fish catch that included two 50s, and two 40s, well done Scott. Jamie Edwards was yet another to bank a 50+ and so did Neil Whittaker, well done to you both.

To sum up it was quite a lively week with over 200 fish banked that were 30lb+ and 90 of them were over 40lb, well done to you all.

More next week

Monday 23rd April 2018