Terry Smith 53-05
Lee Edwards 57-02
Francis McConville 50-08
Blake Basey-Fisher 51lb
Francis McConville 53-04
Steven Richardson 53lb
Dave Chamberlain 52-07
Dave Chamberlain 57-03
Francis McConville 56-08

April 2018 week ending 28/4/2018

Yet another good week for big fish with loads of 50s and a couple of 60s.

Biggest fish fell to the rods of Aaron Tolley with a 66lb mirror and he managed a back up fifty amongst a few others, well done Aaron. Mick Reynolds was another angler to bank one of the big girls with a 63-06; Mick also landed nine other fish including three 40s, well done. Top rod was Sean Youngman in (peg 28 on Lake 4) with a 22 fish haul that included four 40s and nine 30s, top angling well done Sean. Lee Edwards done well with a 21 fish haul to 57lb, lees catch included 12 over 30lb, top angling well done Lee. Blake Basey-fisher managed to bank a biggie with a 51-04 and Ron Molesworth was another to get amongst them with a 53lber, well done to you both. Steve Richardson banked two 50s to 57-10 and backed them up with a 40+ so well done to you. Francis McConville had a good week banking 16 fish including four 50s to 58lb, seven 40s, and three 30s, top week well done Francis. Andy Youngman done well taking 13 fish to 53-01, his catch included another 50+ and four 40s, well done Andy. Brian Moore banked a 50-06 and managed three 40s and five 30s, well done to you. Gary Cordrey landed two 50s to 53lb and Daniel S2wain banked a brace to 55-04, well done to you both. Dave Chamberlain had a week to remember with 16 fish, his haul included four 50s to 57-03, four 40s and three 30s, top angling well done. Not to be forgotten was Adam Chamberlain with a 50-03 and five 40s so well done to you. Liam Nutt was yet another to land a fifty and went on to back that up with a few others and Terry Smith also got amongst them with a 53lber, well done both of you. Matt Farr banked 12 fish to 53lb so yet another angler with a 50+.
Lots of moving around this week when it’s probably best to give your chosen peg at least 48 hours at the minimum, All the biggest hauls take time to build the swim so keep this in mind. 

More next week.

Monday 30th April 2018